Day After Christmas


Emilio DeGrazia

It’s quiet where I sit staring out.
A car turns the corner and is gone,
Carting axels, rivets and oil
To the wide plains of carelessness.

Here, in this solitude, renewal ages
Comfortably within sight of the tree
Cut from another winter of our discontent
Frozen into another new year of war.

Peace on earth roosts and broods here,
The few of us permitted this quiet
The overwhelming majority self-consoled,
Hands useless in our laps, hearts voting yes.

Every Cat Needs A Dog

Somebody sent me one of those email with a slug of pictures.
So, make a movie out of ’em.

And, to whoever sent these, thank you.

Amazing, these critters.

Movie’s here…

Why is Bigfoot eating bagels?

bigfoot-crossingStudy:“‘Bigfoot’ DNA sequenced in upcoming genetics study.” In it, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum explained that in a study that would soon be released, she would prove that male, non-human primates mated with early human females to create a line of Bigfoots, which her study genetically identifies as an “unknown hominid hybrid species in North America.” LINK

And don’t we all know several specimens?