2012 cultured meat highlights


2012 cultured meat highlights

2012 cultured meat highlights.

Scientific American ran a feature about how the company Modern Meadow is working to produce tissue-engineered leather for mass production by 2017. Wired published an article about Peter Thiel, who is the billionaire founder of PayPal, for investing in cultured meat technology.

UK’s Guardian posed the question to its readers “Could lab-grown meat soon be the solution to the world’s food crisis?” And in a contest for the best essay regarding the ethics of eating meat, New York Times readers chose this piece on cultured meat entitled, “I’m about to eat meat for the first time in 40 years,” as the winner.

On radio, our choice for the best piece of the year aired on National Public Radio’s, Kojo Nnamdi Show. The episode featured cultured meat scientist Mark Post and New Yorker writer Michael Specter. It’s a must listen!

And for video of the year? Check out what students at Beckmans College of Design produced to explain the importance of cultured meat research.

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