Blizzard Song by Emilio DeGrazia … For the snow weary

Blizzard Song…

After the blizzard the wind holds her breath,
Her madness exhausted, suddenly resigned.
Silence morphs into sound as it presides
Over the gravity of rooftops and fields.
In this fury’s pale bed millions have died,
Whole battalions of soldiers like corn stubble
Buried in a vast unmarked Arlington.
In sunlight the witchery of diamond snowfields
Radiates her brilliance into jet-black space,
Medium between blue sky and Milky Way stars.

The storm has nothing more to say,
Like a woman fallen into despair, waiting
To be warmed by new whisperings.
Listen to this silent loveliness, she says,
Let me hear in it your distant hunting horn,
And let me feel the old vibrato of love
Airing through the bare branches of trees.
See this vast expanse of white, this blank page:
Lift the bridal veil and look at my face.
With your fingertip on my breast
Inscribe a poem certain to last until spring.

Eagle Bluff Hawk

eaglebluff hawk-enhanced

    To keep our raptors’ minds sharp during this long winter, we’ve had to come up with some fun enrichment ideas!
    Here’s our Red-tailed Hawk eating quail that was skewered on sticks around her enclosure. Tasty!
    We’re definitely looking forward to the warmer weather so that we can take them on walks around campus!!

Monsanto controls your diet –

Monsanto controls your diet –

Forty percent of the crops grown in the United States contain their genes. They produce the world’s top selling herbicide. Several of their factories are now toxic Superfund sites. They spend millions lobbying the government each year. It’s time we take a closer look at who’s controlling our food, poisoning our land, and influencing all three branches of government. To do that, the watchdog group Food and Water Watch recently published a corporate profile of Monsanto.