Eagle Bluff Hawk

eaglebluff hawk-enhanced

    To keep our raptors’ minds sharp during this long winter, we’ve had to come up with some fun enrichment ideas!
    Here’s our Red-tailed Hawk eating quail that was skewered on sticks around her enclosure. Tasty!
    We’re definitely looking forward to the warmer weather so that we can take them on walks around campus!!  http://www.eagle-bluff.org/top/projects/raptors/

Monsanto controls your diet – Salon.com

Monsanto controls your diet – Salon.com.

Forty percent of the crops grown in the United States contain their genes. They produce the world’s top selling herbicide. Several of their factories are now toxic Superfund sites. They spend millions lobbying the government each year. It’s time we take a closer look at who’s controlling our food, poisoning our land, and influencing all three branches of government. To do that, the watchdog group Food and Water Watch recently published a corporate profile of Monsanto.

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Cathedral of the Enemy | TomDispatch

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Cathedral of the Enemy | TomDispatch.

The Enemy-Industrial Complex
How to Turn a World Lacking in Enemies into the Most Threatening Place in the Universe
By Tom Engelhardt

The communist enemy, with the “world’s fourth largest military,” has been trundling missiles around and threatening the United States with nuclear obliteration.  Guam, Hawaii, Washington: all, it claims, are targetable.  The coverage in the media has been hair-raising.  The U.S. is rushing an untested missile defense system to Guam, deploying missile-interceptor ships off the South Korean coast, sending “nuclear capable” B-2 Stealth bombers thousands of miles on mock bombing runs, pressuring China, and conducting large-scale war games with its South Korean ally.

Only one small problem: there is as yet little evidence that the enemy with a few nuclear weapons facing off (rhetorically at least) against an American arsenal of 4,650 of them has the ability to miniaturize and mount even one on a missile, no less deliver it accurately, nor does it have a missile capable of reaching Hawaii or Washington, and I wouldn’t count on Guam either.

It also happens to be a desperate country, one possibly without enough fuel to fly a modern air force, whose people, on average, are inches shorter than their southern neighbors thanks to decades of intermittent famine and malnutrition, and who are ruled by a bizarre three-generational family cult.  If that other communist, Karl Marx, hadn’t once famously written that history repeats itself “first as tragedy, then as farce,” we would have had to invent the phrase for this very moment. Continue reading

Jesse’s Café Américain: CBC Documentary The Secret World of Gold

CBC Documentary: The Secret World of Gold
from : http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com/

Here is the CBC Documentary from this week, presented in three parts.

In Part Three they present Andrew Maguire and his activities in calling attention to manipulation in the silver market.

I could be surprised, but I expect nothing to be done for all the same reasons that Jeff Sachs cites in his talk to the Philadelphia Fed banking conference about the pathological environment on Wall Street, and how a docile President, Congress and regulators will say or do nothing about it.

I think they will, but only after something blows up so badly that they cannot keep hiding it and kicking it down the road. I cannot hardly blame them. And this does not speak to the situation in London and especially Berlin.

I am however seeing more indications that we are getting closer to a tipping point. And when and if it does break it could break rather quickly, with the exchanges closed or on holiday. There is a desperation in the air amongst the financerati and their loyal manservants.

So have a care when swimming in opaque waters that are subject to rip tides.




h/t To the TFerguson crowd for putting this up on Youtube and to SilverSaito for making me aware of it.

Wall Street isn’t an economics story, it’s a crime story

Reforming Wall Street

More than 700 people joined Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rolling Stones Matt Taibbi during a series of two town meetings in Burlington, Vt., on Friday to focus attention on the growing power and influence of Wall Street. The town meetings highlighted how we can reform Wall Street and protect middle class families throughout the United States.

Taibbi said he first really began to understand the abuses on Wall Street after reading a book he found at a library sale in New Brunswick, N.J., about the greatest con men in history. All of these cons triggered something in my mind. The subprime mortgage crisis was essentially a gigantic con scheme, Taibbi said. These were phony, AAA-rated securities. I stopped thinking about the Wall Street story as an economics story and started thinking about it as a crime story. It started to make a lot of sense to me.

Matt has had the courage and the ability to take a look at one of the most important issues facing not only our country, but the entire world and write about it in a way that ordinary people can understand, Bernie said. These banks are so powerful, they have become untouchable, Bernie said, noting Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. now says the Justice Department may not pursue criminal cases against big banks because filing charges could destabilize the economy.

Watch Bernies town meeting »
Read Bernies bill to break up the big banks »

Note to Henry Ford a poem by Joyce Benvenuto

Note to Henry Ford

Henry Ford, I find you in your graveyard
at Joy Road and Greenfield, a small iron fence, a tiny set
of graves, lawn mowed, tall trees–all expected
all night liquor stores, quickie-cash depots, not expected.
On the street, a woman in Muslim head scarf
walks behind her baby stroller.
Down the road, Herman Gardens Housing Project,
gone, our one time all night party spot.

Henry Ford, Detroit has moved to its next cog
on the wheel. Dirty Joes, the up-the-dark-stair photo
studio on Joy and Grand River–gone, though we can
still hold our hot-bod teen photos in our hands.
And in your day–Joy Road was the lover’s lane, fringe
of the city–if you could get your hands on a car.

Henry Ford–this I can tell you, the John F. Ivory Building
still stands, where at dusk, the boys climbed the steel
fire escape, nine stories to the top. The fools threw roof
pieces into the night. The rest stood behind the low wall,
amazed at how the lights met the stars.
Down below, spokes of light wended in every direction–
That’s Grand River.
while low beamed cars moved to and fro in a steady line.

Henry Ford, I stand at your simple, everyman’s
gravestone. You did it, the good and the bad,
our grit city. This one’s for you.

Joyce Benvenuto

from A Grand River: Poems for Michigan
Joyce Benvenuto Poetry ISBN 9781933272320
Copyright: Thunder Bay Press
2325 Jarco Drive
Holt, MI 48842
Phone: 517.694.3205
Fax: 517.694.0617

Baghdad Burning


Consumer Health Digest for April-11th-2013 by Steve Barrett M.D.

Consumer Health Digest for 4-11-2013 by Steve Barrett, M.D.

Dr. Oz’s irresponsible amalgam attack rebutted. On March 28, the Dr. Oz Show featured a demonstration purporting to show that brushing the teeth that contain amalgam fillings releases toxic levels of mercury vapor within the mouth. Two articles that explain why this demonstration was misleading have been published. One notes that the apparatus did not mimic real world conditions and that the operator’s company is closely linked with Oz and has been a major contributor to Oz’s nonprofit corporation. [Baratz RS, Barrett S. Dr. Oz’s improper amalgam toxicity demonstration. Dental Watch, April 8, 2013] The other article provides a sentence-by-sentence analysis of the program’s transcript. [Barrett S. Analysis of Dr. Oz’s unwarranted attack on
amalgam fillings
. Quackwatch, April 9, 2013] The Dr. Oz Show too often provides a platform for unscientific viewpoints (including anti-vaccination and anti-fluoridation) and promotes useless products. Continue reading

Late Season -Very Late- Snow, in Red Wing, MN 4-13-13

Maybe tomorrow’s rain will get rid of the snow…we’ve had 10 inches plus in the last week.

I used Microsoft’s ICE to stitch 11 stills shot with a Canon A1100 into a panorama… interesting feature of MS ICE is that several of the frames had other cars and a semi driving through, but ICE decided it only wanted what it wanted and ditched the others somehow…

Emilio DeGrazia: Our American Nightmare – Detroit

Our American Nightmare: Detroit – Emilio DeGrazia

I didn’t want to pick the book up, but after I did I couldn’t put it down.  Written by Charlie LeDuff, it is called Detroit: An American Autopsy.  Detroit, in my youth the fourth largest city in the U.S., currently is on life support, casualty of a cancer in the American Dream. 

Charlie LeDuff and I grew up on the west side just a few blocks from the street, Joy Road, that marks one of the city limits of Detroit.  He grew up on the wrong, Detroit, side of Joy.  I grew up on the suburban, Dearborn, side.  In Dearborn we had a saying:  “Help Keep Dearborn Clean,” and our police officers did their best to keep people from the other side of Joy from crossing certain lines.

I left Dearborn in my twenties.  That was in the early 1960’s, when I was too clueless to realize Detroit would never leave me.

I remember the city’s elegance – the skyscrapers downtown, the vibrancy at the intersection of Michigan and Woodward avenues, the view of Windsor across the Detroit River, the J.L. Hudson (later Dayton-Hudson) store where we shopped as a family, the cold-hot ice cream waffle sandwiches we waited in line for at the Kresge five and dime across from Hudson’s, the used bookstores I haunted at night after school, the old Briggs Stadium where the Tigers played, the green and expansive Rouge and Palmer Parks, the old Corktown slum where I routinely window-shopped for great deals, the elegant mansions on Cass and Grand Boulevard, the concerts played by Paul Paray’s Detroit Symphony Orchestra on Thursday evenings at the band shell on Belle Isle, free to anyone who wanted to listen, even from the river in a canoe.  Detroit was vibrant and safe enough to wander freely in.  It was a feast for a kid who was told to “Help Keep Dearborn Clean.” Continue reading