nothing verse than verse… emilio degrazia


In Switzerland
The Alpine wall’s a solid range
Built upon
Bureaux de Change.

The monumental walls of Italy
Once built by pagan souls (all lost)
Slowly show decline and fall
Dissolved by the unholy ghost
Of Christian car exhaust.

In Berlin
The wall’s offense is so far right
Of the old left’s righteous route,
Children there now have to guess
Whether right’s in or out.

In Israel the wall’s a Book
Providing word of Adam’s fall.
The word now is
The handwriting there
Is on the wall.

An Iranian wall
Goes bit by bit.
There Allah backs citizens
Who have no say,
And lets the chips fall where they may.

The Great Wall of China
Is so defunct
Its outline is no longer map.
Keeping hoards neither in nor out
It’s now a great tourist trap.

For centuries in Vietnam
The jungle wall was under attack.
Against it civil invaders
Beat their heads
Until the centuries crack.

The London wall’s empirical,
A savant mind working hard
To reasonably conclude its empire sun
Is still unset
On hoards of servant humankind.

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