What Intel & AMD Clean Rooms Could Teach Hospitals – I, Cringely

Each year U.S hospitals kill ~100,000 people via 1.7MM “Hospital Acquired Infections” (infections that wouldn’t have happened had the victim not been in the hospital). Chip fab clean room tech could be the answer.

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Robert X Cringely

“One hundred thousand deaths is a lot of deaths, especially if every one was avoidable.”


Wozniak: Tax Biz Like People, On Income BBC

Woz said: “People are not taxed on profit, they are taxed on income, corporations should be taxed the same as people in my mind, that is how it should be, that would make thingsWoz_(2) fair and right.

“That means corporations pay taxes on all of their revenues or people only pay it on a tiny amount called profit and until we rectify that the whole problem is just with us forever.

“That is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and I am always for the individual being much more important than their training, same reason I created the Apple computer at the start, it was to empower the little guy.

“Why do businessmen get to write off lunches and cars? If normal people did they would have more savings.

“That is really not fair, that businesses are not treated the same as people.

“A person would say, ‘my life is my business and I have to pay for my home, pay for my clothes, my food and what is left over if I make a little money some year and put it in savings, that is my profit’, but people are not taxed on profit, they are taxed on income.”


California Bill Would Mandate Open Access To Publicly Funded Research – Slashdot

“This week, advocates of open access to publicly funded research are keeping an eye on California’s Taxpayer Access to Publicly Funded Research Act (AB 609), which could soon find its way to the California State Senate. The bill requires the final copy of any peer-reviewed research funded by California tax dollars to be made publicly accessible within 12 months of publication. If passed, the legislation would become the first state-level law mandating this kind of access. Opensource.com is featuring a collection of articles on open access publishing, which you can read while you await the verdict on AB 609.”

Sonnet Kickoff Emilio DeGrazia

Emilio DeGrazia

Weeds, groping for cracks in concrete,
One by one go deaf, dumb and blind.
Birds swallow refrains they can’t repeat,
And in city air dawn loses her mind.
Baseball calls its own time out this year.
Wars don’t thaw on frozen fields of dreams,
And kids, unsafe at school, walk home in fear.
Earth’s curveball spin, wound up by storms, seems
Undone, a knuckleball, berserk and blank.
And in these troubled times when bottom lines
Can’t be rounded off, and when no bloated bank
Can calculate returns for wholesale crimes,
We pause to doubt spring will come round again.
For the thirteenth month we have no name.

For minds longing to believe what they know
And for eyes full of feelers for the unseen,
The earth performs its small routines offscreeen
Without betraying the secrets of her show.
How does the moon know when the time is right
To sway the tides closer to the sun
So waters can warm the soil in silent night
And tendrils can begin their quiet run
Toward the dandelion, the old sun’s rune
Rewritten on the schoolgirl’s open face
Amazed at blossoms opening their white grace
To the lunatic leer of the naked moon.
For what spring brings round there is no name
Whenever the thirteen month returns again.

There is no respinning this old news,
Though nature’s gospel peters out, unleaving
Us to revelation of what we stand to lose
By cheering the return of the chariot Lord, wheeling
His high-horsed revenge from sky on wild-maned steeds
That obey the commands of a trumpet blast
Tuned to scorch the earth of all its deeds,
Once and for all, present, future, and past.
It makes a wide-screened movie in a small mind,
This cold-hate rescue full of fiery sounds,
This promise––threat that leaves good folk behind––
Recurrent as the sun on its lazy rounds
And as the thirteenth month without a name,
Old rite of spring that will come round again.

Drought Map for May 28, 2013