N’s Poem “Margaret Said”

Margaret Said by N

“N, do you know what you had forgotten about?
I’ll tell you what you had forgotten about —
What a totally marvelous, warm, funny little secret
You and Ally and Rick are together.
I always felt that the three of you were like pieces
of clean laundry hanging on a clothesline. Just flapping,
Waving, tangling occasionally, smelling wonderful in the
Sunshine and wind.
You know how people say, ‘oh, what a nice couple they are’
About a man and woman who are married or going together?
I’ve-never pictured you in that context.

I always picture you as a mama piece of laundry on the line
With a littlier piece of laundry on each side of you.
And the three of you were always having the time of your lives.

You had forgotten (me, too) how the three of you fit together,
In your funny little secret on the clothesline.

And, N, when you get to liking another man, picture him
As a piece of laundry hanging up there in the sun and the wind
Along with your kids.
Don’t forget what I’m telling you, now. Envision that man as
A piece of laundry.
That will be the clue to it all.

Michael could never be a piece of laundry. He isn’t a
Piece of laundry.

good riddance.”

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