Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Sept. 13th, 2013

foot traffic in downtown Valdez, Alaska…

the photo above was made by Doug Lindstrand…

Where The Wild Things Are

Emilio DeGrazia

Beneath the paved highways and streets
Where the pebble debris of long-dead seas
Has harmonized the white noise of minnow tails
With echoes in the ears of empty shells
Pearl-shimmering in sunlight streaks
That also warm dirt teeming with worms,
Grubs, beetles, roaches and ants
Do business as usual
In the traffic beneath the jackboots
Of empire state buildings swaying drunkenly
Under the influence of arrogance and ignorance––
There seeds find refuge in muck’s milk
And there they wait for their moment
To unfurl their flags out of cracked concrete.


the best poems come from the best storytellers… e.e. cummings

e.e. cummings

nobody loses all the time

i had an uncle named
Sol who was a born failure and
nearly everybody said he should have gone
into vaudeville perhaps because my Uncle Sol could
sing McCann He Was A Diver on Xmas Eve like Hell Itself which
may or may not account for the fact that my Uncle

Sol indulged in that possibly most inexcusable
of all to use a highfalootin phrase
luxuries that is or to
wit farming and be
it needlessly

my Uncle Sol’s farm
failed because the chickens
ate the vegetables so
my Uncle Sol had a
chicken farm till the
skunks ate the chickens when

my Uncle Sol
had a skunk farm but
the skunks caught cold and
died so
my Uncle Sol imitated the
skunks in a subtle manner

or by drowning himself in the watertank
but somebody who’d given my Unde Sol a Victor
Victrola and records while he lived presented to
him upon the auspicious occasion of his decease a
scrumptious not to mention splendiferous funeral with
tall boys in black gloves and flowers and everything and

i remember we all cried like the Missouri
when my Uncle Sol’s coffin lurched because
somebody pressed a button
(and down went
my Uncle

and started a worm farm)

Edward Estlin Cummings :