Response to Sen. Al Franken’s begging letter “Happy Deadline Day!” 20140131

What the hell’s the matter w you Al ?? For god’s sake make some news so
your supporters think you’re something other that a damn rice bowl.

We’re getting the shit gouged out of us by the gas cos. and not one peep
outta you – get w Sherrod or Baldwin and start raising hell so people who’re
getting constantly shafted by these goddamned rethuglicans might occasionally
think there’s somebody in a high place that cares about us. THEN ASK ME

logo frankenl al ogo


That’s right, folks — it’s Deadline Day! Which means we only have until midnight tonight to reach our $200,000 goal.

Citizens United is letting special interest cash overwhelm our electoral system. And since the press is already calling our race competitive, some of that cash is bound to make its way to Minnesota.

Hitting our goals is how we can afford to organize our campaign. Which is how we effectively fight back against special interest spending. And we only have about 9 hours left to hit this one.

Only you can make this a successful Deadline Day. Contribute $5 or more right now to get us to our $200,000 goal before midnight tonight.

Thank you for all of your work.


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