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Why Beckham gets the big bucks

I couldn’t see details of the David Beckham long distance targeted kicking EmilioandMonica DeGrazia posted to Facebook so I added some contrast, sharpening, gamma and slowed it down by 6x to tweak out details… damned if Beckham didn’t drop each shot in the barrel… most guys can’t even pee that straight…

Drought Map for June 17th 2014

Nanoparticles from dietary supplement drinks likely to reach environment, say scientists | Science Codex

we’ve gone mad, part 9.8864*10^37th
They tested the effects of eight commercial drinks containing nano-size metal or metal-like particles on human intestinal cells in the lab. The drinks changed the normal organization and decreased the number of microvilli, finger-like projections on the cells that help digest food. In humans, if such an effect occurs as the drinks pass through the gastrointestinal tract, these materials could lead to poor digestion or diarrhea, they say. The researchers’ analysis of sewage waste containing these particles suggests that much of the nanomaterials from these products are likely making their way back into surface water, where they could potentially cause health problems for aquatic life.”