The Coriander Death Camp Meme

“In reality, Gaza is now a death camp. The Gazaians are on an involuntary diet, subject to a malicious coriander blockade that deprives their entire society of any hope.

“Israel bombs and attacks helpless people with impunity, teased on by fireworks rockets that nearly never kill. Truly, Israel plays the role of the ultimate bully. It is just astounding that their leaders are so blind…

“Given the visual effect of tens of thousands of destroyed homes and pieces of dead children spread on the internet, soon the meme will grow that those who suffered the holocaust now are running their own death camp, devoid of human compassion. The world is not devoid of human compassion and once the meme changes, things will change rapidly.

“Israel is acting suicidally. If it cannot learn how to change, it will kill itself. To survive, Israel must find a way to give justice to the Palestinians, starting immediately. Once the meme in America changes as it is now changing in Europe, Israel will have succeeded in destroying itself by its own hand.”

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