Great Lakes Gulls Dying

“An unusual vitamin deficiency first discovered in birds in Europe may be striking down gulls in the Twin Ports [Duluth, MN – Superior, WI] harbor, wildlife rehabilitation experts say, and it appears to be killing Great Lakes fish as well.

“Several ring-billed gulls found in the Twin Ports have been treated at Wildwoods wildlife rehabilitation center in Duluth, cured with a shot of vitamin B1.

[snip] …

Weve been getting them in for years, usually this time of summer, and its usually juvenile birds. Its been the same thing. They are unharmed; no sign of trauma, but nothing we did would help. Theyd get weaker and weaker and then keel over dead, Farr said.

It wasnt until last year that Farr found research from Europe, mostly Sweden, which described the same symptoms in gulls traced to a deficiency of thiamine, or vitamin B1

read more at LINK-Duluth NewsTrib

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