a medical catastrophe becomes a holocaust

“Soon, between 17 and 29 Ebola patients had run away – or were physically removed by their families – and the looting began. They took off with items – goggles, masks, blood-stained mattresses and blood-stained sheets – that were likely infected with Ebola… Following the patients’ escape and Saturday’s looting, officials and health workers fear even more will be infected as patients return to their family’s homes and looters sleep on fetid mattresses.

“Most of the escapees and most of the looters fled into West Point, one of the worst slums in the world.

“It’s an informal community, a ‘slum,’ with no running water or toilets,” wrote Moore. “People can live seven or more to a single dwelling, and the density is dangerous: A positive Ebola patient disappearing into the maze of metal shacks can be a public health horror story.” Residents agreed. “As I speak, the police station is deserted,” one resident named Moses Teah claimed in an interview with FrontPageAfrica. “There is no security now in West Point. I said to myself, ‘What a place.’ West Point people really shocked me yesterday.”