A Prophet of HaShem Whose Name Was Oded Jacob Bacharach

“…The terrible truth is that Israel was infected from the moment of its birth with the European evils whose virulent, 20th-century apotheoses necessitated, in the minds of so many, the creation of Israel in the first place, and we Jews, through Israel, have become a sick reflection of our own historic persecutors. I am not even speaking of the still unique evil of Nazism, although in the more extreme eructations of Israeli hard-liners, you do hear the debased language of racial purity and superiority. I am thinking of the old, durable, seemingly ineradicable traditions of pogrom, persecution, expropriation, and colonization. The Israelis possess the imperial arsenal of a modern Western nation-state, which camouflages the essentially primitive, pre-modern nature of their policy toward the Palestinians. The state of Israel is behaving like a village mob. Palestinian tunnels are the poisoned well. The Israelis are killing and lighting fires. We will drive them out! Where will they go? How will they escape? They will have to figure it out, the devils! But you forced them into the ghetto in the first place. Yes, and they should be happy for what they have! The US stands by like a distant monarch, its silence and occasional provision of more kindling a kind of majestic assent.

“It would be comforting to say simply: I wash my hands of all of you. But we have accepted a state made of our religion, and that state is behaving abominably, unforgivably. It is a shame that we will not erase in a hundred years.


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