Drought Map for September 9 2014

Ebola epidemic = 100s of 1000s of cases n last years

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Despite recent advances in medicine to treat Ebola, epidemiologists are not hopeful that the outbreak in west Africa will be contained any time soon. Revised models for the disease’s spread expect the outbreak to last 12 to 18 months longer, likely infecting hundreds of thousands of people. “While previous outbreaks have been largely confined to rural areas, the current epidemic, the largest ever, has reached densely populated, impoverished cities including Monrovia, the capital of Liberia gravely complicating efforts to control the spread of the disease. … What worries public health officials most is that the epidemic has begun to grow exponentially in Liberia. In the most recent week reported, Liberia had nearly 400 new cases, almost double the number reported the week before. Another grave concern, the W.H.O. said, is ‘evidence of substantial underreporting of cases and deaths.’ The organization reported on Friday that the number of Ebola cases as of Sept. 7 was 4,366, including 2,218 deaths.” Scientists are urging greater public health efforts to slow the exponential trajectory of the disease and bring it back under control.”

at least half are likely to die… total cases into the hundreds of thousands over the next year… but the math models can’t predict what’ll happen when continent wide panic / hysteria grips 100s of millions of people… but, hey, look, over there – a just ginned up dandy little war to entertain y’all… n remember! Keep Shopping!!

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CAROL CONNOLLY Saint Paul Poet Laureate curates

Free and Open to the Public

Historic University Club Saint Paul 420 Summit Ave

Bar is open and serves throughout the evening.

5:00 dinner, not connected to the performance. You are welcome

Reservations at 651-222-1751. No need to be a member

7:00 Prelude music by violinist Mary Scallen and flutist Jim Miller.


7:30 p.m. Featured Readers are: :

KYLE ADAMSON, poet and MFA student at Bennington College, earned a BFA from Hamline University, winner of the 2010 AWP Intro to Journals Award in poetry, and Pushcart nominee. His poems have appeared in the ARTFUL DODGE; REVOLVER; ALASKA QUARTERLY REVIEW; WATER-STONE REVIEW; MIDWAY JOURNAL, SPECTER, and r.kv.r.y. Kyle served in the Marine Corps infantry, and was twice deployed to Iraq.

KATHRYN KYSAR, poet, author of two books of poetry, DARK LAKE and PRETEND THE WORLD, edited the anthology RIDING SHOTGUN; WOMEN WRITE ABOUT THEIR MOTHERS. Kathryn has been the recipient of numerous prestigious fellowships and residencies. Her poems have been heard on A WRITER’S ALAMANAC, and appeared in anthologies including TOSING ALONG THE WAYand GOOD POEMS AMERICAN PLACES.. Kathryn co-chairs the creative writing program at Anoka-Ramsey Community College and teaches creative writing classes at Hamline University and the Loft Literary Center. Her latest project was a collaborative CD of poetry from PRETEND THE WORLD.

DAVID MURA, poet, whose newest collection of poetry is THE LAST INCANATIONS.

His three other books of poetry are ANGELS FOR THE BURNING; THE COLORS OF DESIRE, winner of the Carl Sandburg Award, and AFTER WE LOST OUR WAY, winner of The National Poetry Contest. Mura has written two memoirs, WHERE THE BODY MEETS MEMORY and TURNING JAPANESE, winner of the Josephine Miles PEN Award and a NYTimes Notable Book. His novel is FAMOUS SUICIDES OF THE JAPANESE EMPIRE. His blog and website: www.davidmura.com

No remuneration for any of us, as you know, but we do pass the so-called hat

for Public Art Saint Paul and Sidewalk Poetry.

DONNA CARNES, poet who speaks and teaches about resilience, is widely published in a variety of venues. Her work has been influenced by her experience with ambiguous loss. Her forthcoming books of poetry include GOLDEN GATE; HORIZON; POSTCARDS IN BETWEEN. A forthcoming book of fiction is HELM. Donna lives n Middleton, Wisconsin

MICHAEL SAUNTRY, poet, attended UMD, U of M Law School, and served in the Army. He

practiced law with the Collins, Buckley, Sauntry, and Haugh law firm until four years ago when cancer retired him. He began writing poems 40 plus years ago, has a stash of 2000, some of which, he hopes are good. “Cancer took away two years of my life” he says, but gave me more than it took. It helped me realize that what I was chasing was really chasing me.


CARRIE WASLEY, poet, has written 1,000 fine poems in 1,000 days. She allocates her time between working for the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (JJAC) as the MN Juvenile Justice Specialist – each state has only one – to contributing to five separate boards – everything from an arts board to a political PAC. Somehow this still allows Carrie time to write poetry.

JOHN MINCZESKI, poet with five full-length collections, two chapbooks and several anthologies he’s edited, continues to publish poems around the country and locally, including LINDEN ST. REVIEW; SAINT PAUL ALMANCE; SCREECH OWL; BARN OWL REVIEW; the now defunct but beautiful literary website CERISE PRESS, and more. He’s been honored with a Bush Artist Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and was an Edelstein-Killer Distinguished Fellow in the U of M creative writing department. John served, for several years, on the review committee for the Sidewalk Poetry Project

NAOMI COHN, poet and creator of KNOWN BY HEART, a collaborative project on poetry, memory and performance. Her book BETWEEN NECTAR & ETERNITY, Red Dragonfly, Press 2013, presents 14 of Cohn’s poems about insects and other social creatures, given wings by original artwork by Red Dragonfly’s award-winning founder and editor, Scott King, who knows a thing or two about bugs. Cohn notes “insects have been a strange muse for me. To paraphrase Groucho Marx “- outside of a bug, a book is a poet’s best friend, inside of a bug, it’s too dark to read…”

Readings last just about an hour. Books will be sold Readers will sign.

Ma Bear gets a little help