David Suzuki Targeted by Edelman PR Outfit

David Suzuki Foundation

You should know…

Dear Ray,

Earlier this week, we sent an email to our supporters in Quebec on an issue that affects all Canadians. I want to share this with you, too. And ask for your help.

You may have heard that Edelman, one of the world’s largest public relations firms, has targeted the David Suzuki Foundation and three other organizations in a campaign to change public opinion on pipelines by creating fake citizens’ groups and equipping them to attack us. They were hired by TransCanada — the company behind the Keystone XL and Energy East pipeline projects.

I was personally named in the documents as an opponent to be discredited.

But I won’t be intimidated. I have no intention of backing down. And I hope you will stand with me.

Like so many of you, I am dedicated to protecting the planet. My inspiration: the future of my two children, Anais and Simon-Olivier.

I also work for you. I know you rely on the David Suzuki Foundation’s researchers and experts to speak up, even in the face of well-funded opposition. It has never been more important to find clean, healthy solutions to Canada’s critical climate and energy challenges.

Please make a donation to fund science-based solutions.

Decisions about our energy future must be based on evidence and an open and transparent public debate, NOT intimidation tactics funded by the fossil fuel industry.

Please join me today.

Let’s work towards a country with sustainable energy policies and healthy communities. We are stronger together.

With respect,

Signature: Karel Mayrand

Karel Mayrand
Director General, Quebec,
David Suzuki Foundation

YES – I want to make a donation!

P.S. Let’s make 2015 a year for change. More than 1,200 people have joined us so far, and we hope that 2,015 of you will make a donation to help us lead change in Canada. Stand with us today — we are stronger together.

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