’tis the season….

quilting season that is… Mary Bell’s 5×5 from 2″ squares, almost finished…0

Drought Map for 11-11-2014

Message from Dr. Rogers at North American Bear Center- Give to the Max Day

Wednesday, 12 November 2014
As we approach our fifth Give to the Max Day on Thursday, November 13, I am thinking about how far we’ve come together in educating about bears and replacing misconceptions with facts. People won’t coexist with animals they fear. What began with us learning together from Lily and Hope in 2010 has turned into a global community of friends and like-minded people using time, talents, and support to spread the truth about bears.

Lily and HopeLily and Hope Lily and HopeLily and Hope

Doc lecturing at viewing windowNothing close to what we have accomplished as a group could have happened otherwise.

Spreading the truth and educating about bears is the main purpose of the Hope Learning Center classroom, the Broadcast Room for distance learning, and the Northwoods Ecology Hall—all in the new addition to the North American Bear Center.

Feeling your friendship and passion is humbling and inspiring. Together, we are making these new additions to the North American Bear Center state of the art facilities to engage and reach students, officials, and people worldwide.

Give MN Join us Live revPlease join us live throughout Give to the Max Day on the PTZ Cam that can be found under the Live Cameras tab on bear.org.

Lily and HopeLily and HopeWhen donating, you can increase the chances of winning a Golden Ticket for the North American Bear Center by breaking large donations into several smaller ones. If you would like to donate before the 13th, your donations will still be eligible for Golden Tickets and counted in the leaderboards. To donate, click here.

With much gratitude, thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist,
North American Bear Center

galloping electric lines…

“Wind and ice can cause power lines to gallop. This video was taken near Meadowview Elementary in Farmington on Nov. 10. Due to galloping lines in various locations throughout our service territory, approximately 4,500 people lost power during the overnight hours on Nov. 10 and crews worked on restoration through the night.”

Puppies OD

Crazy Dogs…

Drought Map for November 4 2014

Minnesota now has a few areas edging into drought…

BBC News – Ebola intensifies the struggle to cope with Lassa fever

A plague on top of a pandemic. Lassa is symptomatically identical to Ebola, also has a mortality rate up to 70%. And Marburg fever’s just waiting, impatiently, in the wings as the new bird migrations return with influenzas genetically different from last year’s.

Drought Map for October 28 2014

Exclusive: Arctic Drone Footage of a Melting, Human-Stained Greenland | Motherboard

we are so fked… I remember flying over Greenland and Ellesmere and the surface was the whitest white on earth… look at it now…