MS Paint – Tip for printing maps, for example

I rarely find a feature built into an MS application included with the operating that is not surpassed by other commercial or freeware apps, this one of those exceptions.

I needed to print an enlarged version of a image file (a topographic map) and do so to multiple 8.5×11 sheets.

MS Paint has the ability to do just this and the results are excellent.

Open the image in paint, find page setup and select “Fit to” and dial in the number of pages. I made a 3×3 grid or nine sheets.

After printing from the laser, I did a little folding, trimming and taping and I have a perfectly serviceable USGS topographic map. This is a really nice feature of Paint.

New class of drugs dramatically increases healthy lifespan

sez Mayo, among others… “The prototypes of these senolytic agents have more than proven their ability to alleviate multiple characteristics associated with aging,” said Mayo Clinic Professor James Kirkland, MD, PhD, senior author of the new study. “It may eventually become feasible to delay, prevent, alleviate or even reverse multiple chronic diseases and disabilities as a group, instead of just one at a time.”