WILL ALLEN – Revolutionary Urban Farmer

from The Cornucopia Institute:

When you think of farming towns, Milwaukee-proper
might not be the first to come to mind. The large
Wisconsin city is perhaps better known for its famed
breweries and picturesque location along Lake
Michigan, but one resident there has been on a mission
to make farming more accessible even within the city

Will Allen is a former professional athlete who played
basketball throughout college at the University of
Miami and post-college in Belgium. Though he has also
held jobs in corporate America, Allen has spent the
last 21 years in a completely different profession:
urban farmer.

As the founder of Growing Power, Allen oversees his
urban farms and teaches people in urban Milwaukee
how to grow not just food, but good food. The
organization’s sustainable farm features multiple
greenhouses, indoor and outdoor gardens, crops and
animals such as goats and chickens. Growing Power
also hosts workshops and outreach programs, and
distributes its produce, meats and products
throughout the city, making a big impact the lives of


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