200 Billion Barrels of Oil

Canada’s National Energy Board and the Northwest Territories Geological Survey released a report last month that almost 200 billion barrels of unconventional petroleum resources were identified in the Sahtu region of Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT).

Though the assessment stressed that only a portion of the oil may be recoverable, many in the Northwest Territories were optimistic about the opportunities the news could bring.

“This is probably the savour for the whole Sahtu region, if it’s developed” says Gregor Harold McGregor, the mayor of Norman Wells, one of the communities in the region. “But we don’t have an all year road, and I’m thinking probably without that, it’s going to be developed sometime in the future.”

200billion barrels sahtu region nwt ca near norman wells text

200 Billion Barrels in the Sahtu Region Northwest Territories Canada near Norman Wells



The proven oil reserves in Saudi Arabia are the second largest in the world, estimated to be 268 billion barrels

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