Credit card companies disqualify foreign pharmacies

Credit card companies disqualify foreign pharmacies

VISA and MasterCard will no longer permit Americans to use their cards to purchase drugs over the Internet from legitimate Canadian pharmacies. In response to a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, VISA stated that its policy was initiated to protect consumers, but people who buy at Canadian pharmacies that have been vetted by do not need such protection. VISA further stated that its evaluations were based on ratings by LegitScript. However, LegitScript—which received $5.2 million in FDA grants to identify “rogue” pharmacies—gives “unapproved” ratings to all foreign pharmacies even if its investigations find nothing fraudulent. The proposed Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act of 2015 (H.R.

2228 / S. 122) would allow personal importation of 90-day supplies of health maintenance medications from licensed Canadian pharmacies when ordered with a valid prescription and would establish a certification process and a list of approved pharmacies. This bill is important because millions of Americans are buying from online pharmacies in Canada and elsewhere where prices are much lower for the same drugs sold within the United States.


Consumer Health Digest #15-23
June 14, 2015
National Council Against Health Fraud

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