how democracy dies, a little cut here,

a drop of blood there… one almost doesn’t notice…

Walker Says He Wants To Replace Government Accountability Board

GAB Approved John Doe Probe Into Walker Recall Election

Monday, July 20, 2015, 11:15am

By Patty Murray and The Associated Press

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is calling for the dismantling of an independent state agency that oversees elections and that authorized an investigation into his 2012 recall campaign.

Walker said the Government Accountability Board should be replaced with something that’s more accountable, though he didn’t go into specifics as to how the new agency should look or work. He said he has “had problems” with the GAB for “some time.”

“I think it’s appropriate to just get rid of it and replace it with something is ultimately accountable, transparent, and fair to the people of Wisconsin,” he said.

In a written statement, GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said the board is not only accountable, but is a model for the rest of the country.

The independent board authorized an investigation into Walker’s 2012 recall campaign to see if it had illegally worked with conservative groups. The state Supreme Court recently said the investigation must not continue.

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