BEWARE! Windows 10… from the newsgroups…

M$ steals bandwidth and personal data… and your soul, if u have one…

By default, Windows 10 uses your internet connection to share updates with others across the internet.

The feature, called Windows Update Delivery Optimization is designed to help users get updates faster and is enabled by default in Windows 10 Home and Pro editions.(…)

You can disable WUDO, but the option is buried in the settings menu for Windows Update under ‘advanced options’ then ‘choose how updates are received.'(…)”

Also worth reading there:[M$’s Privacy Policy n Service Agreement – bloody hell… it’s fk’n 45 pages long] “Windows 10 has just arrived and there’s a new Privacy Policy and Service Agreement from Microsoft coming swiftly in its wake. The new policies take effect on 1 August and there are a few unsettling things nestling in there that you should be thinking about if you’re using the company’s services and software.(…)”

M$ also ‘backs up’ your bitlocker keys to their servers [‘in case you forget them’]

And remember, like any agreement with any large company these days, *you* are bound by the terms of the agreement but *they* aren’t (eg.  We will change this policy at any time, it’s your responsibility to be aware of any such changes).

Mafia$oft, thieves and spyware merchants…

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