Restoration Ag… Welcome to New Forest Farm

Welcome to New Forest Farm, a perennial permaculture farm in the Driftless Area of Southwestern Wisconsin. We grow chestnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, apples, asparagus, and many other perennial fruits and nuts. We also raise cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Read about our story, find out more about us in the news, buy some nuts and meat, and come out for a farm tour!

In 1995, Mark Shepard and his family moved to the hills of Southwest Wisconsin to start a new kind of farm. Instead of just growing annual grains, vegetables, or livestock, they wanted to establish a perennial farm, modeled on native ecosystems, to produce abundant food, fiber, and fuel while restoring critical ecosystem services. New Forest Farm is now one of the most developed and productive perennial farms in North America – growing abundant crops and livestock, while sequestering carbon, building soil, recharging groundwater, and enhancing wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

Our main crops are chestnuts and hazelnuts. We also grow walnut, hickory, pine nut, apple, pear, and cherry trees, asparagus and winter squash. We run a hard cider winery, fermenting our perennial fruits into the superb Shepard’s Hard Cyder. Stop by for a farm tour, cyder tasting, or for one of our Permaculture Design Courses.



THE BOOK… Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shepard

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