The Silent Crisis of Aging

exactly… to be effective we’d need 1,000 years for starters and even then we’d be short on context…

(Photo: Elderly Woman via Shutterstock)

Our society is plagued by a crisis of aging that is weakening, infecting and killing hundreds of millions of us every year. We rarely think of it this way – aging is seen as a natural part of life rather than a crisis – but many serious researchers and philosophers argue that we our typical views on the naturalness and acceptability of death are mistaken


Bald Eagle with a hitch hiker… Jeff Bucklew in Wisconsin Birding

don’t see this every day

Jeff Bucklew in Wisconsin Birding

“Bald Eagle with a Hitch Hiker” Spooner, WI – Washburn County

I thought perhaps the small bird is a Kinglet but not sure. Maybe someone could help me identify? When the eagles were close to the shoreline the small birds would come out and ride their backs trying to drive them off.