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The Silent Crisis of Aging

exactly… to be effective we’d need 1,000 years for starters and even then we’d be short on context…

(Photo: Elderly Woman via Shutterstock)

Our society is plagued by a crisis of aging that is weakening, infecting and killing hundreds of millions of us every year. We rarely think of it this way – aging is seen as a natural part of life rather than a crisis – but many serious researchers and philosophers argue that we our typical views on the naturalness and acceptability of death are mistaken


Bald Eagle with a hitch hiker… Jeff Bucklew in Wisconsin Birding

don’t see this every day

Jeff Bucklew in Wisconsin Birding

“Bald Eagle with a Hitch Hiker” Spooner, WI – Washburn County

I thought perhaps the small bird is a Kinglet but not sure. Maybe someone could help me identify? When the eagles were close to the shoreline the small birds would come out and ride their backs trying to drive them off.

Pileated making a dugout canoe…

Dynasty Trusts

Dynasty Trusts
“South Dakota was a pioneer in “dynasty trusts,” which allow families to escape estate taxes forever. The state offers iron-clad secrecy for trusts and protection of assets from creditors and former spouses. It also has rules that make it easier for families to set up their own trust company, rather than rely on a bank trustee, and to enhance their control over trust investment decisions. An added attraction: South Dakota levies no state income taxes on investments.

“In the past four years, the amount of money administered by South Dakota trust companies has tripled to $121 billion, almost all of it from out of state, according to the state’s Division of Banking. South Dakota is particularly adept at “creating laws that are conducive to a massive exploitation of a federal tax loophole,” says Edward McCaffery, a professor at the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law. “We have a tax haven in our midst.”

Mike Royko always got it

Drought Map for Sept. 1st 2015

Russian Newsreader Has A Concept Problem

guess it’s the vision of bears guarding a pot farm

Red Headed Woodpecker on our suet feeder August 28th 2015

Near Red Cedar Lake north of Mikana, Wisconsin

if you’d like HighDef see it on this YouTube link


They Are Killing Newspapers on Purpose

They Are Killing Newspapers on Purpose

By Allison Hantschel

The Times-Picayune not only won two Pulitzer Prizes for such journalistic derring-do, but admiration from a community in desperate need of updates during the storm and for answers from officials in its aftermath. “The city,” Russell said, “had a real bond with the paper.”

That bond was broken in June 2012. Advance Publications, the Newhouse family-run company that owns the paper, laid off over 200 people, nearly a third of the staff. The frequency of the print edition dropped to three days a week and a significantly diminished newsroom now focused on a website,

“The way that some careers ended in 2012 was just sort of horrible,” Russell recalled. “Whatever goodwill people had toward that institution just sort of evaporated on that day … It was just handled terribly.”

And why is this happening?

  • The decline of the Times-Picayune is, in some ways, an illustration of a changing newspaper industry as a whole.

HORSESHIT. God, I am so tired of “the world is changing” as some kind of universal “we just can’t do stuff anymore.” If you don’t want to work, fine. If you don’t way to pay reporters anymore, FINE. But don’t come to me with this when THESE ARE THE GODDAMN FACTS:

Advance Publications on Forbes Lists

· #44 America’s Largest Private Companies

Revenue As of October 2014

$8 Billion


Newspaper companies are killing newspapers. Not digital reading habits, not Craigslist, not kids getting their news from Comedy Central, and not people canceling their subscriptions when the TV listings get changed. Newspaper companies. They are killing newspapers and telling journalists somebody else did it, and journalists are saying why, of course, let us look elsewhere for the murderer.

Has revenue declined? YES. But “declined” does not mean “not enough to pay for the things that matter” and it certainly doesn’t mean “not enough to pay reporters while we give our executives six-figure bonuses and let them walk away with millions after they skullfuck the company.”

Yet we keep seeing story after story about the industry’s changes as if they’re the fucking WEATHER. As if the clouds just roll in and the rain washes everyone’s jobs away. As if the changes aren’t made by people. As if people shouldn’t answer for them. We keep seeing stories from organizations that want to jerk themselves off about being the last bastions of democratic rule, that want to talk all day about the value of their sainted bullshit detectors, that repeat this bullshit like it’s bulletproof gospel.

I have never SEEN people who are supposed to question everything question so little.