A New Way to Fight Aging in the Brain

A problem that will not be solved anytime soon….

“Age also disrupts what’s called compartmentalization—the ordered way in which some proteins stay confined to the nucleus of cells and others to the surrounding cytoplasm… the membrane separating the nucleus from the rest of the cell starts to fail, so as our cells age, more proteins end up in the wrong place.”


“For the first time, scientists can take skin cells from people of various ages and transform them into brain cells reflecting the ages of their donors.

“Our brain cells change with age: various genes become more or less active, the membrane that holds the nucleus together starts to degenerate, and molecules that in young cells are neatly compartmentalized become scattered and disorganized.

“Now scientists have found a way to transform ordinary skin cells into living cultures of aging human neurons—test beds for ways we might reverse these effects of time.

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