Quack Watch: Top-10 worst anti-science sites listed

from Dr. Stephen Barrett, M.D. Consumer Health Digest

Brian Dunning has updated his list of Top-10 Worst Anti-Science Web Sites, five of which provide low-quality health information and advice:

  • Natural News (promoted conspiracy theories that medical industry secretly wants to keep everyone sick, and conspires with the food industry to make people unhealthy, all driven by a massive plot of greed to sell poisonous medicines)
  • Mercola.com (aggressive promotion of “quack medical products”)
  • DoctorOz.com (his web site is little more than “clickbait luring people . . . who might be looking for actual health advice to click on ads for Dr. Oz’s “trusted sponsorship partners.”)
  • Foodbabe.com (her advice is “a crap shoot of common knowledge, fearmongering, gross scientific illiteracy, misinformation, and ideological nonsense.”)
  • Chopra.com (“claiming ayurvedic medical benefits from what amounts to little more than spiritualist word-salad mumbo jumbo, ” including “‘detoxification’ . . . an implausible spiritual solution to a nonexistent physical problem.”

Mercola’s activities were recently detailed in a report from the Genetic Literacy Project, which indicates that he has donated more than $1 million to groups that promote unfounded health-related ideas.

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