cattle aren’t buffalo…

this happens ever year or three, and has since the latter 1800s… you’d think with a track record like that it might dawn on cattlemen that beef cattle ain’t buffalo… from

Blizzard kills an estimated 12,000 beef cattle, another 40,000 missing

Winter storm Goliath left a wave of dead and stray beef cattle in its wake as the blizzard pushed across the Panhandle region of Texas last week.

Officials with Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) estimate 4,000 feedlot cattle died from the storm, with another 6,000-8,000 stocker cattle perishing on the High Plains. Those numbers still could rise as snow drifts continue to melt, revealing more dead cattle from the Dec. 26 storm.

Muleshoe, Texas, rancher Blake Birdwell witnessed the devastation first hand, losing 15 cows to one snow drift. The Hip O Cattle Co. owner has at least another 100 dead out of the stocker cattle he custom grazes and partners on, in addition to his own cow-calf loses.

Birdwell manages 13,000 cattle primarily grazing on wheat pasture, and he was short 10,000 head after the blizzard swept through. He describes the aftermath as “mayhem,” but notes the storm has brought the best out in people who are helping locate lost cattle.

“There’s stockers, cows, calves, horses…heck I even helped gather a llama in stuff we had thrown together the other day,” Birdwell says of the effort to roundup stray livestock.

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