Aurora at Fairbanks, Alaska 2/8/16

photo by Marketa Murray

Say “Goodbye” to Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Elephants …

… and hippos and Cape buffaloes and gazelles and zebras and hyenas and aw, hell, every other wild critter in Africa. For the population of Africa in 2100 will be between 3.4 to 5.8 billion peopl, up from 1.2 billion today.

Drought Map for Feb. 2nd 2016

So, your week get off to a great start too?

Garous Abdolmalekian – Doubts and a Hesitation

Doubts and a Hesitation

By Garous Abdolmalekian

Even your name

I have doubts about

and about the trees

about their branches, if perhaps

they are roots

and we have been living

all these years underground.

Who has dislocated the world?

and why are birds circling in our stomachs?

Why does a pill defer my birth?

For years weve been living underground

and perhaps

on a day in my seventies Ill be born

and feel that death

is a shirt we all come to put on,

whose buttons we can either fasten

or leave undone

a man may roll up his sleeves

or he might

I am

a captive mans conjectures

about the seasons behind the wall