Tim F. Sums It Up

“The Republican party is a pack of loons in a suicide vest who forgot why they put the damn thing on in the first place and now they’re just fascinated with the red button*.

“Even your average elected Republican thinks Ted Cruz, aka the GOP’s more sensible candidate, is nothing but a serial arsonist running for national building inspector. I sincerely think all the lessons Barack Obama learned at great time and expense will be
essential for surviving the GOP’s fevered delirium. It might break some day, or the party could fragment into a bunch of hapless third parties. But we’re not there yet. Until that day I want someone who viscerally understands these psychos, starting with her first day in office.”

“(*) You think I’m kidding? It took three or four government shutdowns and a couple of debt limit threats before a growing fraction of the GOP started calling for Mitch McConnell to shoot the hostages because fuck you and what’s this gun for anyway. At this point the official position of the House Freedom Caucus is to default on the debt just for the hell of it. And Cruz calls them weak.” Tim F at Balloon Juice

Open thread, and where I’m leaning when the primary gets to PA

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