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Security Expert Jailed For Reporting Vulnerabilities In Lee County, FL Elections ( 219

Posted by manishs on Monday May 09, 2016 @02:12PM from the this-is-what-you-want,-this-is-what-you-get dept.
rootmon writes: Information Security Professional David Levin was arrested 3 months after reporting un-patched SQL injection vulnerabilities in the Lee County, Florida Elections Office run by Sharon Harrington, the Lee County Supervisor of Elections. Harrington’s office has been in the news before for voting systems problems (for example in during the 2012 election, 35 districts in Lee County had to remain open 3 hours past the closing of polls due to long lines and equipment issues, wasting $800,000 to $1.6 million of taxpayer money on incompatible iPads for which her office is facing an audit. Rather than fixing the issues in their systems, they chose to charge the whistleblower with three third-degree felonies. The News Press also has several related interviews.

HDR Pro4 Fixes Underexposed Photos Pepin Picnic 1997

awful exposure and fixed

Gutter Berries!

Gutter berries! Here’s an interesting way to grow strawberries, fill an old rain gutter with soil, plant the berries & harvest them as the overhang. Much easier than crawling through Rows of berries on the ground and you won’t need straw between the rows!