Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) prays for Obama’s Death & The Extinction of His Family

from TPM 6/10/16
Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) raised eyebrows at a conservative confab on Friday by offering a prayer for President Barack Obama:

“In his role as President, I think we should pray for Barack Obama. But I think we need to be very specific about how we pray,” Perdue told the audience at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C. “We should pray like Psalm 109:8 says, that says, ‘let his days be few.’”

8 May his days be few;
may another take his office

9 May his children be fatherless,
his wife, a widow

10 May his children wander and beg,
driven from their hovels.

11 May the usurer snare all he owns,
strangers plunder all he earns.

12 May no one treat him with mercy
or pity his fatherless children.

13 May his posterity be destroyed
their name rooted out in the next generation.

14 May his fathers’ guilt be mentioned to the LORD
his mother’s sin not rooted out

15 May their guilt be always before the LORD,
till their memory is banished from the earth

16 For he did not remember to show mercy,
but hounded the wretched poor
and brought death to the brokenhearted.

17 He loved cursing; may it come upon him;
he hated blessing; may none come to him.

18 May cursing clothe him like a robe;
may it enter his belly like water, his bones like oil.

19 May it be near as the clothes he wears,
as the belt always around him.

20 May this be the reward for my accusers from the LORD,
for those speaking evil against me.


21 But you, LORD, are my Lord,
deal kindly with me for your name’s sake;
in your great mercy rescue me.

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