Imagine How Bad It Would Be Without The Bombing… Duncan Black

Occasionally I tangle with some of the “bomb everything in the name of humanitarianism” crowd. The ones who sort of know what they’re talking about, in that they at least can find some of these places on the map, always ultimately justify their favorite solution to every problem by suggesting that things would be a lot worse if we didn’t pour grease on the kitchen fire. The rules are that if we don’t bomb enough things are our “fault.” Why do you love death and economic misery, hippie? If we do bomb enough (though can you ever really bomb enough?) then things are not our fault. The ungrateful recipients of our care packages just don’t understand the joy in loving freedom bombs. Actually helping people – real sustained humanitarian aid, helping refugees – is just silly hippie stuff that we couldn’t possibly do. Also, you’re a big racist for not wanting to bomb people.

Sometimes they go full neocon and just argue that if we don’t prove that we have the biggest most frightening dick on a daily basis then the world will collapse, but mostly they’re just thinking of the children and how best to help them. With our bombs.

This was a very mean post that probably hurt the feefees of those people who really just want to bomb children for their own good. That was very uncivil of me, and my tone makes me a very unserious person.
by Atrios at 17:10

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