Bear Days in Duluth

When it’s 85 F in Duluth, this bear thought it was unbearable… from WDIO

“it’s the bear days of summer! Dave Zbaracki shared this photo of a bear hanging out at his home in Duluth’s Congdon neighborhood. He says they figured he just wanted to cool off, so they left him alone.”



Dear Verizon, this is how to lose my business and make me take my money to your competitor:
Her: Yes?
Me: My phone isn’t working. My wife’s phone isn’t working. Identical symptoms. I assume there’s a data outage. How long do you expect it to last?
Her: There’s no outage.
Me: Then my phones have failed. They’re a week old. They’re hideously expensive. This does not impress me.
Her: You must have changed something.
Me: I didn’t.
Her: No, you must have changed a setting.
Me: No. I did not. And if I did, accidentally, then how come my wife’s phone is experiencing the same exact symptoms?
Her: Sometimes that can happen.
Me: What?
Her: Let me see your phone … ah, there’s the problem. Your velociraptor data noodle is in the egg salad position.
Me: The fuck?
Her: You probably changed it by accident.
Me: You’re playing with network settings buried four layers down under the system menu. I did not change it and AGAIN even if I had, accidentally, what did I do? Accidentally change it on my wife’s phone TOO? You have an outage. Just tell me how long it’s going to be.
Her: Sometimes that can happen if the technician adjusts an antenna on the tower.
Me: What? No. That … no. Adjusting the antenna does NOT change the settings in my damned phone. Or there’d be 400 angry people in line ahead of me. That’s not how it works.
Her: It’s fixed, I reset the clam chowder to Dread Pirate Roberts and adjusted the bandwidth cholesterol to banjo so the booster stage is now operating at full gazpacho.
Me: You used to write the technical dialog for Star Trek The Next Generation, didn’t you?
Her: Your sparkle wrench was quantum phasing but I reset the warp monkey and it’s all working fine now.
Me: Look here, Geordi, it’s NOT working.
Her: It totally is.
Me: It’s totally NOT Goddamnit. Look, punch in “test test test” into the Chrome search box and … NOTHING! The little doodad goes round and round. Facebook won’t update. Twitter won’t update. My email won’t load. THERE’S NO FUCKING DATA CONNECTION.
Her: No it’s totally good.
Me: Is there maybe somebody here who knows anything about phones? Six hours later after I spend all day trying to find businesses and look up information in Pensacola, BINK! and suddenly my phone is vibrating and beeping as it suddenly regains a data connection. This kind of thing PISSES ME OFF. Hire competent, intelligent people and TRAIN THEM. I don’t claim to be an expert on everything but I AM an absolute expert on communications technology with 30 years of experience and training in systems vastly more advanced than cell phones and I know bullshit when I hear it. And if you’re trying to bullshit me, then I wonder how you treat my 85 year old mother when she comes through the door. You took my money, you provide the goddamned service. No excuses. And if you have an outage, admit it and give me a estimate of how long it’s going to be so I can work my business around it.

Or I’ll take my business elsewhere.

John Kasich ad – If Trump becomes president, ‘you better hope there’s someone left to help you’

Kasich has found a use for his left-over campaign funds… his new ad, and I’d say you could call it a public service spot…

No Treaty Sacred Cows

Should All Treaties Be Subject To Renegotiation?
(from Pat Lang at SST)
Trump thinks all deals are subject to re-negotiation. Treaties are deals. These deals are ratified by the US Senate. In Trump’s mind we have the US Senate as the equivalent of a stockholder’s meeting. Therefore, he thinks, treaty deals are subject to re-negotiation. This is a typical entrepreneurial business attitude.

Is there some reason why we should think that treaties are not re-negotiable? In fact the French withdrew their forces from the control of Allied Command Europe (ACE) while not leaving the alliance. Was this not a de facto re-negotiation of the treaty?

Borgists like Ron Fournier automatically shrink from Trump’s desire to return America to an attitude regarding “foreign entanglements” that prevailed before WW2. This was an attitude that strictly put narrowly defined US interests first and regarded all else as “to be determined.” Trump does not accept the internationalist view that the world is one and that the US should be its guardian. This spirit of guardianship seem to me to originate in the notion that the rest of the world is a very imperfect place that the God of the New England Puritans gave unto the protection and regulation of the “city on the hill.” This is amusing since so many of the Borgians are now godless heathen.

I watched again the recent re-make of “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.” This is the version in which the splendid actor Gary Oldman plays George Smiley. In the film, the Circus holds a Christmas party sometime at the height of the Cold War. In the midst of the sad revelry, Father Christmas enters stage right with his bag of goodies and wearing a Joe Stalin mask. the crowd stands and he leads the British spooks in a spirited rendition of the Soviet national anthem. I saw much the same thing happen after the fall of the USSR when American military spooks specialized in the USSR sang “I’m dreaming of a red Christmas, just like the ones I used to know.” They knew their rice bowl was broken and they would all be fired or repurposed soon. The same was true of Iran specialists at the State Department after the Shah was gone.

Pitt the Younger said that the map of Europe should be rolled up for twenty years when Bonaparte’s power was at its zenith. For the Borg (foreign policy establishment) world-wide, Trump World would be the end of them as a cadre. Cui bono? pl


The Machine of Morbius

What Trump is for many of his closest supporters is someone that scares and horrifies their social enemies, and that’s all he needs to be. Trump is the leader of a social crusade: his meaning is the crusade itself.

Trump is a sign, not a man.

Trump is vengeance for every teacher who made someone feel stupid, for every promotion that went to someone with a higher degree, for every younger boss who asked for your TPS reports or moved your cubicle, for every kid who lectured you about intersectionality and told you that you should call yourself ‘cisgendered’, for every tech-sector nouveau riche who bought up all the property in your formerly sleepy town and then relentlessly pressured the school board to put more money into gifted programs and get rid of the trade-school electives.

He’s payback for every memo that told the secretaries they’d have to learn a new software program by Monday or be fired, for every gay marriage the local clerk had to perform, for every corner store where suddenly it seemed one day the customers all spoke Spanish. Trump is punishment for every old blue blood who looked you up and down when you showed up at a social function bursting with pride about your new successful business. Trump is sticking it to the insurance agent who makes you fill out a thousand forms and then denies your claim, for the car inspection that tells you have to make a five-hundred dollar repair that you can’t afford just so the car doesn’t pollute so much, for the social worker who pokes into your life because you slapped your kid in the market once. For every kid that left home to go to the big city, for every sibling that became a meth addict. For every church that closed and every mortgage that went underwater. For every time you were told by someone who presumed to imply authority over you that things you thought were true were false. For the things that you thought would never change that have changed. For the regrets that you cannot bear to admit are your own fault and for the sorrows that come from things done to you by others.

And he can win

Wheeee !!