Hashtag Radicalization and Terrorism – Adam L Silverman at Balloon Juice

“What is so dangerous about today’s statements on the campaign trail, whether they were an intentional coded appeal to violence, an unintentional riff that was supposed to refer to the power of a block of single issue voters flexing their power at the ballot box, or a poorly phrased attempt at being funny is not what Trump actually meant.

“Rather it is that those who are already primed to (inaccurately) believe that Secretary Clinton has gotten away with several murders, has escaped responsibility for the deaths of US personnel, been allowed to evade criminal responsibility time and time again, and is rigging the general election to steal it from Trump and the real Americans that are backing him will hear what they want to hear in the message.

“And what they want to hear is an appeal to a higher authority. In this case a historically inaccurate understanding of the 2nd Amendment, specifically the meaning and application of the militia clause. They are already condemning Secretary Clinton and denying that she would be a victim, almost always based on inaccurate beliefs perpetrated by a too credulous and antagonistic news media. All that’s needed is that final neutralizing justification to allow the drift into extremist action all done in defense of the US Constitution (appeal to higher authority).”