We need to revive the military draft.


We need to revive the military draft.

My dear old Dad had seen it all, done most of it and was unrepentant about any of it. He used to tell me (among many other things) that the end of conscription in the United States would be a disaster for career soldiers and for the United States.


He reasoned that having completely professional armed forces would be profoundly liberating for any elected government because the tiny segment of the electorate who would have children in the military would not be a potent political force in an election. In other words expeditionary wars of choice would be politically painless for the politicians.

That has proven to be the case. Sheltered behind sentimental nonsense about “thanks for service,” and ribbons tied around trees, the American people have proven themselves to be indifferent to the human suffering and costs inflicted in the Borg Wars. Some of this suffering has been experienced by our own soldiers, but a great deal of it has been inflicted by us and our friends in the inevitable wretched business of “collateral damage.”

When the draft ended I thought that was a good policy change. I was profoundly weary of the leadership challenges presented by conscripts. I thought that working with fellow professionals would be a welcome change and it was, but a corollary change proved to be that professional soldiers could be sent to die without fear of an electoral backlash.

The is profoundly enabling for the Globalists, among whom Hillary Clinton is surely included.

Would Hillary Clinton want the draft back? I think not. Would a self-serving Congress want it back? I think not. Would all the mommies and daddies whose children would be drafted? I think not. What would Trump want? Well, who cares? He will not be president unless something really spectacular happens.

Nevertheless, people of quality should demand a mandatory military service law and this time the law should require that the National Guard be deployed with the regular forces in any combat deployment. pl