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How to Destroy the American Tech Industry in One Easy Step -EB Misfit

Give the FBI a back-door key to everything. They still want the ability to come and rummage through your electronic shit whenever it pleases them to do so.

Even if the FBI promises that they would never, ever look at your shit without a court order, the NSA is not so hindered. Which will mean that the international market for American devices, such as iPhones, will decline precipitously once everyone knows that those devices come with a FBI/NSA-enabled back door.

And if you travel overseas, the same “we doan need to cho you no steenkin’ warrant” rule applies to the lovable goons who rummage through your underwear when you enter the U.S. They could use the government-mandated back-door to look through your phone, tablet or laptop. (Which is why seasoned travelers take sterile devices with them.)

As for the FBI’s promises that they’d never, ever look at your shit without a court order, I submit that we all know what such assurances have been worth in the past: Absolutely nothing.

It would be like giving a copy of your house key to the cops if they promise that they never, ever would even think of coming by without a warrant, or any of the pasta-gazillion warrant exceptions that let them enter on their well-testilied whims.
Posted by Comrade Misfit on or about 07:55