hotdish and a billionaire

Minnesota DFL Party


I’m a writer, and mostly I live in my head while tapping away at a laptop, which is one reason I like to go to DFL fundraisers. It’s a chance to meet my fellow Minnesotans who want to do the right thing and work for a civil society that takes care of our people. At these occasions, I’ve met parents of kids with learning disabilities who have to fight for their child’s right to an education. I’ve met immigrants who’ve picked up our language and also learned to love the State Fair and canoeing the St. Croix and eating hotdish. I’ve met elderly people my age who are navigating the interesting twists and turns of being 74 and 84 and 94.

The DFL has been advocating for working people, people in need, minorities, kids and elders for my lifetime and more, and it’s worthy of support, all the more so now with reactionaries dominating the news, led by this shameless narcissist billionaire from New York.

Our good governor Mark Dayton is a man of principle we can be proud of. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken have brought distinction to the valiant Democratic minority in the Senate. And now this fall, we need to take back the statehouse and elect Hillary Clinton.

That’s why I’m writing to you. Our beloved DFL is facing a major filing deadline in two days and needs to raise $10,000 more, so I’m shepherding in donations.

It’s the most important election of our lifetime. So let’s win it.

The deadline is here, and there’s no time to waste: Donate $5 or more now to help the DFL elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats who will uphold common decency across our country.

In Minnesota we share a belief in the common good that was passed down to us from our ancestors. Let’s pass it on. Too much is at stake to stand idly by.

So will you donate $5 or more before the DFL’s September filing deadline to keep Minnesota and the country in the hands of principle and progress?

Thank you for doing what you can.