Drought Map for Nov. 8th 2016

The Interesting Mr. Trump

Trump’s one of the cleverest guys to come down the road in quite a while; he was picking up on the troubles of the middle class at least 20 – 25 years ago. Anybody developing real estate at his level would’ve been blind not to catch it.

Somewhere along the way – maybe after his 3rd or 4th billion – he got bored with it and got distracted into reality tv. And his RT experience taught him a lot: he learned how to turn on an audience, and keep ’em turned on for years. The more outrageous he was the better his ratings. When he got bored w that what next? He was in a wonderful position – the perfect position – to become the ultimate outsider. Tons of money and access to the best brand marketers.

And his audience, now called constituents, had grown enormously – every turn of the corporate screw created more. And nobody was doing a damn thing for any of them; instead the pols who should’ve been helping had joined up with the guys sticking it to ’em.

Watching him go all politically incorrect was to watch a thing of beauty – every time he let a good one fly the media dolts started sputtering like wet hens. But he amused them so they gave him endless coverage. The worse the gaffe, the more airtime.

But those gaffes were calculated – he did the thing a 1,000 guys wished they had the guts to do, and they love him for it.

The other benefit was the media thought him totally daft, like some lout who went out in public and scratched his hemorrhoids with a potato brush and howled – hey, this guy ain’t serious. So he kept building his appeal among the Deplorables. Under the radar.

A while back he showed up in Detroit at the Detroit Economic Club and harangued a roomful of auto execs, Ford’s among them, and told the Ford execs point-blank if they moved a plant to Mexico he’d slap on a helluva tariff and nobody would buy their cars. Nothing like that had ever happened before. And before the day was out every working stiff in the country knew about it. And the rest as is said is history.

I’m not sure what he plans to do, but nobody should underrate him. I think we’ll have a very interesting few years ahead. Think I’ll invest in popcorn.

let us unite and work together

a new friend

a new friend…. Aussie Shepard after his first bath at his new home…. age 4~5 months