One more Senate seat:

Logo%20-%20email%20footer%20%28small%29.jpeg Here’s something you may not know: The Senate race in Louisiana has gone to a runoff, and Democrats have a chance to pick up one more Senate seat before the year ends.
The Democrat in the race, Foster Campbell, is a Louisiana-born cattle-rancher who has a real shot at defeating his GOP opponent.

Let’s help Foster Campbell flip another Senate seat blue — contribute directly to his campaign before his end-of-November deadline:

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If Foster can pull this off in Louisiana, Democrats will control 49 seats in the Senate — that would significantly improve our chances of stopping Donald Trump when he proposes harmful policies.

The GOP knows how important this is too. Roll Call is reporting that the NRSC (the same group that attacked me for not “standing up for Veterans” earlier this year) is opening up 10 different field offices in Louisiana to help Foster’s opponent stay competitive.

We have to take this seat, ray.

Chip in $5 to Foster Campbell’s campaign for U.S. Senate by November 30th:




Police Officer On LSD Attempts To Save Anti-Masturbation Dolphin Mascot From Imaginary Fire

PHOENIX, AZ (AP) — Late last night, a Phoenix police officer broke into a local YMCA during a meeting for Christians who are striving to live a masturbation-free lifestyle. The officer’s intentions was to save the organization’s dolphin mascot from a burning fire, but it turned out there was no fire and detectives say the officer was on a “massive amounts of LSD and hallucinating”.