Priorities for Minnesota 2017

my 2cents…

Our #1 has to be getting back control of the legislature and retaining the governorship – or we’ll wind up as regressive as Wisconsin

#2 Establish a Small Business Advocate. Some state entity that would mentor businesses trying to negotiated the regulatory hurdles, that they could use to make sure they don’t fall victim overzealous enforcement. Take the case of the local distiller, who tried to comply but was side-swiped by the ag department after product launch and in a way that seemed to be a deliberate attempt to do the most damage to the distiller. This is only the most recent example where our regulators are seemingly consumed by animosity and seek to punish and destroy ‘the little guy’. [see]

#3 Small Ag Producer Crop Insurance. Growers of vegetables and fruits don’t seem to be able to buy crop insurance. The federal program is aimed at and chiefly benefits large industrial-scale operators. Having a state program would go a long way toward establishing Minnesota as THE place they want to start and/or expand their businesses. Minnesota could become a dominant producer in the rapidly growing ag sector of specialty and organic foods if we, as a state, enthusiastically support it. [Case in
point: Featherstone Farms]

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