Drought Map for Feb. 7th 2017

At the Pearly Gates

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump all die at the same time and are at the Pearly Gates.

They are brought before God on his throne for judgement.

God turns to Barack and says “Why should you get into heaven?”

Barack says “Well, I tried to do what was best for the country that I love, and I’ve been a good husband and father.”

God says “That’s good. C’mon in.”

He turns to Hillary. “And you, madam?”

Hillary says “Well, I dedicated my life to public service because I was born in a comfortable household, and I wanted to make the world a better place for those less fortunate than I, and I have advocated for women all over the world.”

God says, “Good work. C’mon in.”

He turns to Donald and says, “And you sir? Why should you be allowed into heaven?”

And Donald Trump looks at God and says, “You’re sitting in my chair.”