Tibetian Horn Blowers

I dunno ’bout these Tibetians…

I mean, they’re up in these mountains but the mountains are sooo awesome, nobody can describe ’em… words fail, cameras can’t help –
even when they get a good pic, everybody thinks it’s just some weird photoshopped thing for a syfy book cover….

So then they try blowing horns, but they’re either blowing too flat or too sharp, and anyway, what’s it supposed to mean, really? Blowing your horn at 18,000 feet up some cliffside even the yetis have given up on? What’s that about?

About all anyone but the Tibetians do is chalk it up to Tibetian Derangement Syndrome and go back to trimming their toenails so they don’t snag their socks when they’re late to leaving for work and inna hurry.

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