Mayfly Aftermath at Red Wing Lock & Dam #3 on the Mississippi

by Fishesota

Our friends down at Lock and Dam #3 on the Mississippi River near Red Wing showing off their dead mayflies from this years hatch!
Photo by Jeff Ferguson Used w permission


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A patient came in today because her astute owner noticed embedded “bugs” on her dog’s skin, around the nipple areas. On examination, no bugs were visible, just little red dots on the skin surface. I removed a “dot” and examined it under the microscope- sure enough, a larval deer tick. There were easily 100 of these nasty parasites on this particular patient. If this dog had fur on her belly, one would never be made aware of the extent of the infestation. She was treated with Nexgard and will be just fine. FYI Larval deer ticks are typically hatched in August, so why they are a month early this year is unknown, and very concerning. Make sure you and your pets are protected!