US Naval Institute on Sexual Harassment

A large number of women being interviewed fear most that this spate of attack news merely will appear as a blip in history. Real change requires more than listening to and believing the #MeToo stories. This national opportunity requires action from all of us, including men. What will we do to prevent this from occurring in the next generation? We must not be silent witnesses to history.

I’m determined to be part of the solution. I want every shipmate, every employee, and every friend to know that I create safe environments. I won’t harass. I won’t assault. I won’t tolerate an atmosphere where others think that they can get away with either of these. I won’t turn a blind eye to rumors and accusations. I won’t punish victims for coming forward. #IWont.

A few years ago, the U.S. Naval Academy started a program within their athletic department that the DoD highlighted as a model worthy of emulation. All athletes, coaches and their staff must sign a contract stating they will not (I Won’t) engage in behaviors that create the environment for sexual assault to occur. If that is what it takes to curb sexual assault, it seems like a small inconvenience to make a commitment in writing. In the meantime, we can all post #IWont on our social media accounts and publicly commit to our shipmates that they will live and work in an environment of zero tolerance for sexual assault or harassment.

Commander George Capen, U.S. Navy

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