Stolen From Dave Winer

Something I wrote on Facebook three years ago

  • I am not a Muslim, so what Muslims believe and what I believe are not the same thing.#
  • I think the story of religion as told by the Qoran and the two versions of the Bible are nice stories, but have no basis in reality. They are bedtime stories our ancestors left for us so we wouldn’t have to live paralyzed with fear over what dying means.#
  • We are all searching for meaning in our lives. My guess is that if we actually knew the answer it would be horribly depressing to our egos. The answer isn’t to force your will on other people it’s rather to learn to live with uncertainty.#
  • We aren’t going to die so you can keep believing in the lies your religion tells you. Much better if you let your religion die and join the rest of us and develop a sense of humor about the fact that your life has no meaning.#
  • While I wrote this I developed hiccups.#
  • I think this is God telling me I’m on the right track.#

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