DAMN DOG!! Wiley the fuss-pot

Wiley started protesting food last January when I went away for a week. He’ll push the food entirely out of his food bowl to empty the bowl without dumping it then will sit and protest. I’ve always fed him grain-free since getting him around 5 weeks old (rescue pup) including Earthborn Wellness, Propac grain-free, Taste of the Wild, 4Health grain-free, Diamond Naturals and have had him on Fromms for the past year or so now.

I’ve tried different varieties, mixing flavors, adding canned food (he refuses to eat THAT) with minimal results. If I add mini dog biscuits on top of his food that usually entices him to eat those which results in him eating the rest of his food but not always. He is at his ideal weight of a solid 79lbs and eats 2 cups 2x a day (when he does eat twice a day). If I cut his food back to 1-3/4c 2x a day sometimes makes him puke from not eating enough – ESPECIALLY when he protests and doesn’t eat a full serving.

Asked the vet about it when I took him a few months ago. They were equally as puzzled as Wiley is in tip-top shape and they commented on his friendly disposition and perfect weight with minimal body fat etc. I don’t always have the time to sit around waiting for him to eat his food which results in him not eating enough and vomiting bile from lack of food (doesn’t happen often).

The local pet store, Chuck & Don’s, has suggested trying different varieties and seeing what he really likes. The problem is he sometimes eats a full bowl normally and other times just pokes around at it. Before a year ago I never had any issues with him not eating so not sure what will make things better. It gets expensive quickly when you try mixing and matching different varieties of dog food when they only like it one day a month! Maybe I will try a different brand and see if that helps!

Open to suggestions (aside from feeding people food). Thanks!

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