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Latest Sightings – Kruger is with Rachel Ridgard and 10 others.
12 hrs ·

We were following a lioness carrying her cub for around 2kms when we could see she was getting really tired. Suddenly, an elephant showed up and looked as if it was wanting to help the tired lioness! The elephant put its trunk down, the cub jumped up and the elephant started carrying the lion cub!! I never ever knew this was possible!
They are still there for anyone in the area!
S28, 3km from S entrance


If you see this on the road, please do something! Move her in the direction she is heading. Female Eastern Box Turtles, as well as other turtles will soon be on their journey to lay their eggs. They have been doing this their whole life. Help them cross by moving them carefully off the road into the direction they are headed.

Annual Spaghetti Harvest Underway