Great Grandma Ida Quast Buchholtz

Going through old photos puts me in mind of so many details of our lives. Before the Minnesota State Prison in Stillwater started making twine there was an outfit that grew and bought raw hemp and made twine in SE Minnesota. Twine was needed because we shocked our grains – our oats, wheat, rye, sorghum, etc. because we used a horse-drawn McCormick reaper, and the reaper needed twine to tie the bundles. But crickets love twine, so you had to be damn careful how you stored your twine or crickets would chew their way through your twine bales, and then you had lots of foot-long bits of twine, useless at harvest. Not even good enough for 1st cut flax – the stuff you made your fine linens from.

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Naomi Dagen Bloom Enjoying your history though nothing comparable to share. Am a fan of hemp–have knit with hemp from Romania also mix of wool and hemp from China. Also paid a bundle for couple of reams hemp paper few years ago to print environmental manifesto.
Phyllis ThomfordePhyllis Thomforde I spotted my German Gramma right away! And cute little Marion and Betty! Gramma was about 60 yrs. old at the time of the photo. I would say Gramma got better looking as she aged! She was a cool lady!

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